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How To Deal With Rain On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We know everyone hopes for a dry wedding day, but the reality is there' s always a chance of rain, no matter where you're getting married. A British wedding, let's just say the chances are a lot higher. And whilst it may not be the sunny, dry day you had in mind, rain does't have to ruin your wedding, especially if you're prepared. In fact, it can add to the romance and enhance the magic if you're ready to lean into it! So here are our top 8 tips for how to handle your wedding day if there is rain in the forecast.

1. Speak to your Venue About a Plan B.

We recommend taking this step before you even book your venue. There are so many stunning venues that specialise in outdoor ceremonies, but it's SO important to make sure they have an indoor alternative that you're happy with, in case the weather doesn't allow for being outside. Make sure to ask the venue coordinator (or your planner) to show you the rooms they use for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception if it can't be outside. You could also consider renting a tent for your cocktail hour, if there's enough garden space at your venue. It's also a good idea to enquire if your venue has any unique indoor spaces that could allow for stunning videos and photos.

2. Prepare 'dry kits' for you and your guests.

Think a selection of umbrellas, cute towels, and fuzzy blankets. You can store it all in pretty baskets by the door, and that way if the rain does come down out of nowhere, your guests won't be left shivering and wet! They will really appreciate the foresight and care! You can also incorporate the clear umbrellas into your videos + photos - your videographer and photographer will know how to get creative with fun and stylish umbrella posing!

3. Have lots of candles on hand.

If in the week leading up to your day it really is looking like the day is going to be mostly rainy, then it's a great idea to be prepared for the fact that it may be very dark lighting. Having a bunch of candles ready and raring to go can add some beautiful, warm lighting to the indoor spaces you'll be using and can add a very romantic, intimate feel to the day.

4. Bring a pair of rain boots or wellies.

Having a change of footwear if rain/storms are in the forecast is a really good idea! This way you can still go outside for couple photos and videos without worrying about wet, muddy feet. The videos and pictures will be a VIBE.

5. Make a decision on enforcing your plan B and stick to it.

We highly encourage our couples to make a final decision about whether or not to go with their plan b a few hours before the ceremony and just sticking to it, regardless of what it ends up doing outside. This way you don't ruin your entire morning stressing about what to do or being so distracted by what the weather is doing minute to minute. The getting ready is truly such a special part of the day, don't let yourself miss out on the magic!

6. Have a rain-proof hair and make-up plan in place.

If you have the kind of hair that goes instantly frizzy in the humidity or rain, it's probably a good idea to have an "in case it rains" hair style that you know you'll love. Currently, low sleek buns and ponytails are very 'in' so those could be great options if rain is in the forecast, since they tend to hold in place when there's wet or windy conditions. Speak to your hairstylist ahead of time, have a plan, and trust their expertise! The same goes for your makeup - your MUA will have lots of tips & tricks (such as waterproof mascara & setting spray) on how to maintain your wedding glam even if the weather isn't in your favour.

7. Communicate with your videographer and photographer

Ask your videographer and photographer ahead of time if they have experience capturing weddings in the rain and ask them what you should expect if it rains the whole day. That way you'll feel better knowing that regardless of the weather, you'll still get the stunning videography and photography content you want. It will also help you feel less stressed because you'll know you're working with experienced professionals who know how to handle the elements!

8. EMBRACE it.

We've saved the most important tip for last and we know it's easier said than done, but your attitude is everything. If you allow the rainy weather to ruin your mood, this will change the entire energy of the day. Your guests will feel it, your partner will feel it, and it will be way more of a buzzkill than the weather itself. Allow yourself a 5-10 minute vent about the circumstances, and then LET IT GO. In fact, embrace it and lean in! After saying your 'I do's' go for a frolic in the rain together, cuddle up, and just have fun with it. If you don't care, your guests won't care, and you'll still have the best time. Honestly, some of our favourite footage has been captured on rainy days because there is such a magical element to it, especially when there are big dramatic clouds! We promise if you can remind yourself that the day isn't about the weather, but about celebrating your love with all your closest people, then you'll still have the time of your lives!

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