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  • James Toffolo

7 Tips To Keep The Dance Floor Full At Your Wedding

So many couples we speak with in our pre-wedding consultations say the same thing: they're hoping for an amazing day and an epic dance party. They invest in amazing bands, saxophonists, and/or DJs, and they want their dance floor to be high energy all night long. We've seen this vision come true plenty of times, but unfortunately we've also witnessed empty dance floors because of some common mistakes couples make. Keep reading for our 7 expert tips on how to keep your dance floor full for the iconic party your day deserves!

1. Make sure the first song after your first dance is a well-known anthem.

Most of our couples finish their first dance and as soon as it ends, they call their guests onto the dance floor to get the party started. This first party song is so important if you want to fill the floor right away. A song that most of your guests know and can sing along to is the most sure way to get them to pile onto the dance floor, ready to party. A few recommendations: 'Shut & Dance With Me', 'Uptown Funk', 'This Is How We Do It', and 'Dancing Queen'.

2. Hire A Professional With Great Reviews.

Do your research and ask for recommendations on DJs and/or bands who specifically specialise in creating a lively atmosphere. A great Dj or band will know how to read the crowd and play music that keeps everyone excited. They'll also know how to make it interactive if that's the vibe you want!


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