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How To Nail The Iconic Confetti Moment On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Showering newlyweds with confetti is a timeless tradition that a lot of couples want to include in their wedding day. It really is an iconic moment that we always look forward to capturing and always leads to epic footage. The beautiful colours, the reactions of the couple and their guests, the pure joy – it’s a truly emotive moment that adds a lot of value to a wedding video. Getting the perfect confetti shot requires a fair amount of planning. Read on for our 8 tips to ensure your own confetti moment is one for the books.

1. The type of confetti you choose matters.

Big, light pieces – like dried flower petals – will hang in the air for longer and flutter delicately when thrown. This gives your videographer & photographer more time to capture the magic. Bonus: using real flower petals also happens to be the most environmentally friendly option. Extra tip: in our opinion, delphinium petals work wonders.

2. Colour needs to be considered.

Make sure to think about where you want the confetti-throwing to happen. Is the background going to be light or dark? Contrasting the confetti colour to the background will look amazing on camera. If your background is going to be dark then you should look for confetti colours that are light and bright. If the confetti will be thrown in a light space (such as outside the venue), then we suggest going for a darker confetti colour scheme. A mix of light and dark confetti also looks really lovely and helps to create a “pop” on camera.

3. When it comes to confetti, the more you have, the better.

We advise the couples we work with to make sure they have way more confetti available than they think they need. A fuller confetti shower will always be so much more impressive on film! Talk to your confetti supplier and they should be able to give you great advice on how much you need to order.

4. You need to decide when and how you want your confetti thrown.

The most common way to orchestrate the confetti toss is the 'confetti tunnel' where your guests line up on either side and you walk down the middle. This works especially great if you want the confetti throw to happen right after your ceremony, as a sort of exit. We highly recommend that you instruct your videographer or photographer to remind your guests to throw the confetti UP, high in the air, rather than directly at your faces. If the confetti doesn't go up in the air, there won't be a great deal to capture!

5. Make sure your venue knows about your confetti plans.

Discussing your desire to include a confetti shower with your wedding coordinator or the owner of your wedding venue is SO important. Unfortunately, we have witnessed this step being missed a few times, which has lead to big disappointments on the day of. A lot of churches and venues have strict rules regarding confetti. For example, some places won’t allow confetti that isn’t biodegradable, some have specific stipulations as to where the confetti can be thrown, and some simply won’t allow confetti at all. Having all of this clarified ahead of time will save you from having to make any stressful last minute decisions on

your big day!

6. Decide if you want to use something other than traditional confetti.

As mentioned above, if your venue doesn't allow confetti there are other options: you could use bubbles, beach balls, ribbons, streamers, or even plan a sparkler tunnel for the evening instead! We're always happy to brainstorm and get creative with confetti alternatives.

7. Tell your videographer when + where the confetti will be thrown.

The confetti shower really is such a beautiful, fun moment that you will want to treasure forever. Knowing when and where the confetti will be thrown is super helpful for your videographer, as it allows them to plan where to get the best shots for your video. It also gives them the opportunity to help arrange your guests in the right position and even offer some extra 'throwing' tips.

8. Decide how you want to distribute your confetti.

To keep things running seamlessly on the day, it's a good idea to organise when and how you want your confetti handed out. We advise assigning this task to a couple people in your bridal party, and they can hand out the confetti whilst you're signing your marriage license. They can do this by carrying around a basket filled wit the confetti, and your guests will just grab large handfuls of it! Another easy way of going about it, is to leave little bags of confetti on your guests' chairs ahead of the ceremony.

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