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Wedding Videos: Do You Really Need One?!

Are wedding videos actually necessary?


In short, absolutely.


According to this survey, 98% of brides agree that not having a wedding video is their biggest regret.


So, what is there to regret, and why is a wedding video so important?


Videos are one of the most powerful mediums out there when it comes to storytelling. A professional, well-made wedding video will tell the story of your day exactly as it happened. Not only will your videographer be there to film the natural progression of the day, but they’ll use the footage to tell a beautiful, cinematic story of your wedding and your individual, unique love story.


Another reason wedding videos are so powerful is because they do such an amazing job at conveying emotion. In fact, almost every couple I’ve worked with has told me their wedding video brought them to tears! Wedding films are filled with so much emotion – excitement, joy, laughter, tears – and they’re incredibly moving. Having all of the emotions captured on film allows you to relive everything you felt on the day.


Most importantly, hiring a wedding videographer allows you to relax because you don’t have to worry about the fact that your wedding day WILL pass in the blink of an eye. Your videographer will be there to capture it all, including the many moments you inevitably miss. Perhaps you want to see how your significant other spent their morning or the reactions of loved ones as you’re walking down the aisle. Maybe you missed Aunt Sue breaking it down on the dance floor, or you really want to remember that beautiful toast that your dad gave. Your videographer will solidify all of these moments into film for you to look back on whenever you want.


Another thing to remember is that having a wedding video isn’t only going to be precious to you. Your wedding video will be watched (and adored) by loved ones who couldn’t attend your bid day, your future children, and even your future grandchildren. A wedding video really is a time capsule and keeps the joyous memories from your day alive forever.


To sum it up, wedding videos are an absolute must and should definitely be prioritized when planning a wedding. There are so many couples who regret not having one and wish they had made the investment. Your wedding and your love story deserves a beautiful, timeless video that I am confident you will treasure forever.


Are you looking to hire a wedding videographer for your own wedding? Get in touch and let's start chatting about your dream wedding video :)

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